Friday, February 09, 2007

Rabwah: A Place for Martyrs? Report Launch

Not so long ago, around the end of Jan this year I think, a report launch took place at the Houses of Parliament. Or, to be more precise, the House of Commons.

This report extended from an investigation, by the Parliamentary Human Rights Group, for Ahmadi Muslims seeking assylum in this country, from Pakistan. Pakistan is an Islamic country, you may think. Then you would ask "why?"

Because of mis-interpreted beliefs of this sect of Islam, other Muslims who chant religious slogans and being dangerous in acting in un-Islamic conduct, have a severe hatred of Ahmadi Muslims. I may get in trouble for saying this, but it's true. Many of those people who follow the Islamic faith, fail to uphold the basic fundamental of the religion - peace.

Unfortunately, many are ignorant and deluded men with dangerous and utterly un-Islamic conduct and ideas. In light of this, if a group of Muslims air their views on how Islam progresses into the future armed with peace and intent on improving the social well being of the people of this planet, they are in danger. In danger from, not only of those who are against Islam, but also many from within Islam.

Lord Eric Avebury, the Vice-Chair of the Parliamentary Human Rights Group in Britain, is not a stranger to campaigning on the behalf of the world's good causes. So, with this report that is intended for the Immigration Offices to consider for the applications, Lord Avebury is also using this as strength for his indictment against Pakistan for its disgraceful treatment to the Ahmadiyya Muslim community. However I shall leave that as another topic

The goal of this report was to find alternative routes of Ahmadi Muslims, safe and direct to Rabwah, should their case for assylum prove unsuccessful. However, having been compiled various images, notes from interviews and minutes of meetings with different people, ranging from residents to Government officials, this factual report presents a not-so-pretty picture that Rabwah is not a safe haven for Ahmadi Muslims.

So, the report launch gave an opportunity for the National President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in the UK, with fellow colleagues to discuss the findings as well as voicing concerns. Members of other Muslim communities were also present.

Let's just hope and pray that these people are given a chance of a decent life and that Lord Eric Avebury has enough strength to pursue a just cause in Pakistan.

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