Thursday, November 30, 2006

RIAA wants to shut down the Internet

There you have it. The digital world has finally gone crazy. Greedy media lawyers have stooped to a new low with their (lack of) evidence that may result in the shutdown of the Internet.

In an interview on DefectiveByDesign (, Ray Beckerman reflects on a previous case where the RIAA failed to provide any valid proof of copyright infringement. As the case dragged on the RIAA made a statement that merely making files available on the internet is in itself a copyright infringement.

"It was a shocking argument because if it were accepted it would probably shut down the entire internet", Beckerman says.

While some of us may agree that this is practically a fool hardy way of doing things, the music industry doesn't. The MPAA has sided with the RIAA in this case as well as the US Government.

This is particularly a sad case of greed, where the music industry is spending a fortune in legal costs rather than embracing the Internet and use it as a marketing tool.

I myself believe that the RIAAs' argument is unjustifiable as well as an illogical step. Many have been sued, but will those individuals be able to afford to pay? It is clear that the RIAA is now a big bully in the playing field.

In another step of insanity, we are faced with DRM (digital rights management) which stipulates how we can use the music we download. Come on, now! I paid for that music and I own it. If I want to be able to listen to my music on my computer or while on the move, then leave me be.

A similar system is in place for software such as the activation for Microsoft Windows and others restricting you on backups or re-installs.

It seems like that the consumer no longer has rights and the long arm of the law is keeping its hands in your pockets.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree?


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