Monday, September 11, 2006

Rules of Engagement

If you have been following the growing flame of confusion in the British Government, then I do not need to tell you of the latest rift of Blair vacating the throne of Prime Minister.

However, what do you and I think of it? is the question. Are these the signs of a government failing in its internal conflict of affairs? I think so.

After the latest charade, I am beginning to lose faith in the government as there are continual ramblings, which are affecting our lives. And after the last term I don't think that they're up to the job anymore - incompetent is the word. Ever since Labour started their term, we have been promised lower tax, less council tax and increases in efficiency of the NHS. What did we get? Nada, nil, nowt, absolutely nothing.

I feel like standing on top of Nelson's Column and utter profane words while listing the very things that they have done to this country to worsen it, and top it all off with the word "corrupted". No, no, no. This is not a terrorist jibe, this is my home, I am British born and bred. Being British is all I know.

But the excitement that happens, is that my earnings are just enough for P.A.Y.E and to pay off my mortgage. Now there's council tax which is forever increasing including other utility bills, where they add up to a burning flame. The flames are covering me and I'm burning up. What am I going to do when I have no money and increasing debts? What about my family that depends on me?

I'm sure the outlook on my life (as well as others in a similar situation) looks dreadful when the government takes away more from us and gives less, and also cares about insecuring our security while fighting unnecessary wars.

But what happened to British values, what happened to the loyalty, to serving this country? Will we ever get an honest government to lift us from the eternal flames of damnation? I just hope that the politicians see the light before it's too late.

"A toil of pain, is all I know. An increasing flame, where do I go?"

An ode to a parent

During my break at work, I was trawling the Internet aimlessly and came across Yahoo! Answers. For those that don't know: This site let's you ask questions on various subjects which can be answered or discussed. It's very handy for researching for schoolwork, etc.

What got my attention though was a thread with the question of: To what extent should parents be held responsible for the actions of their delinquent teenagers?

discussion was quite interesting. Although one interesting fact of how either parents are blamed or when trying to blame anyone else, the blame is dodged. Some has even gone to suggest that, in order for parents to maintain order, they can smack or even (God forbid) hit the teenagers. Such is a travesty of single-mindedness.

What made my blood boil is that there is a demonstration of hate against teenagers. Were they not once a teenager? Isn't it because of their hate that they are teaching the teenagers to do this? What happened to respect?

Here's my contribution to the post:

Unfortunately, parents do seem to be the only suspects in the equation of delinquent teenagers. But it is not entirely the case.

We already know that it is up to the parents to try teach their children manners and other necessary social skills. But it is still society that plays the vital role. Where are the teenagers when they are not at home? They are interacting with society at different levels such as school and meeting friends.

Society is quick at teaching hatred and evil tactics. Look at it from this point of view, I have a 12 year old sister where our father passed away 2 years ago. We no longer have a father figure and I try to fill that void by teaching her manners and to respect others. But am shocked that she has learned of bad words or manners from others' parents or waiting at the bus stop, etc.

Parents will try as they might with not much success as long as society plays that vital role with the parents. Let me give you another example. If I was to call a teenager over to me would I say:
a) "Oi! Come here."
b) "Alright mate. Can you come over for a sec please?"

To earn respect is to give it and I can guarantee you that those who answer b) are a very small minority.

So, no. Parents should only take 50% and the rest of society 50%. It's only fair. Failure to do so, would teach the teenagers that since society is unfair, why should they be fair?

What do you think?

Friday, September 08, 2006



I am new to the scene of the Blogosphere and just created this out of curiosity. It's amazing how blogging has evolved from the humble message board on a person's home page into a community based application.

One thing that I am definitely not good at, is expressing myself, where others are. There's a lot of talent, where it not only acts as a form of a diary, but there are those who are creative as if they are writing an ongoing novel.

Let's see what I'm capable of.

See you sometime in the future